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Thanksgiving Away From Home

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

In the U.S., Thanksgiving tradition can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. School vacation (Yay!), time for family and friends, a nice way to showcase your cooking skills, and for many people in a general just a grand ol’ time. Celebrating Thanksgiving in Japan, however, can be a bit challenging if you don’t know where to find your favorite dishes or ingredients for the celebration.

Here are a few ways you can beat those Thanksgiving blues.

Can’t find grits or polenta in your local Japanese supermarket? Try looking for an international store near you. Google is your friend! If you’re in Tokyo, the popular chain store “Seijo ishii” is a good place to start. Some of their branches even have the vegetable and canned goods tagged in English if katakana is difficult for you. For those outside the Tokyo area, there’s also Kaldi! You can find a lot of them even outside of Tokyo and they have a slew of beans, spices and sauces from around the world.

What’s Thanksgiving dinner without turkey, right? Nissin World Delicatessen, Hanamasa, Kinokuniya and Costco are the way to go! An added bonus with Costco (Yes, you can use your member card here even if it’s from the States), sometimes they even stock pumpkin pie and other Thanksgiving desserts.

And for the aspiring home chefs out there, we sat down with Blu Jam’s own executive chef James for some pointers on how to make your international Thanksgiving taste a bit like home.

“Sage. Right now in Japan, it’s in season so go to your local flower shop, and put it in your turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, everything!” he said. While at the flower shop you can also pick up some seasonal flowers to spice up your autumn decor!

If you live in a smaller apartment, chef James recommends breaking down your turkey into smaller chunks and pan searing it. Also, make your side dishes in advance and save them in the fridge to avoid any last-minute stress.

His last tip: use your fish grill! Most Japanese apartments have a fish grill and even though it’s called a “fish grill” you can use it for a lot of things. For Thanksgiving you can make grilled sweet potatoes, candied yams, or get a nice charred sear on your melted marshmallows!

At Blu Jam Cafe Japan, we love our holidays. And we want to share these American traditions with those who have never had a Thanksgiving here!

For a few days in November, Blu Jam will hold a Thanksgiving feast event including a buffet serving all of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. For more info, please click the link below or follow us on social media for more updates! Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are highly recommended. We’ll save a you a seat! Don’t miss out!




都内でなければカルディコーヒーファームもいい品物があります!ビーンズや 世界中から輸入したスパイスも売っています!


自宅で料理したいと思っている方も、国際的な味を家庭で楽しめるコツを Blu Jam Cafe 店長の James (ジェームス店長) から伺いました!




Blu Jam Cafe ではアメリカの伝統的な祝日を経験したことのない方々に届けたいという気持ちを込めて今年もサンクスギビングを行います!



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