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Mission: Bringing L.A to you



BLU JAM CAFE is originally a popular cafe in Los Angeles run by Owner/Chef Kamil Majer and his partners David Fris and Jeff Shulem. In 2016 a Japanese-American family, seeking to bring healthier alternatives and some authentic American brunch to Japan, decided to license and open BLU JAM CAFE in Tokyo.  

Recipes are straight from Kamil Majer himself, and satisfy any palette on any occasion.  

For example, if you're in the mood for something meaty but light, there's the "Argentinian Brunch Steak with house made chimichurri sauce".  Or if you wanted something to cure that hangover, there’s nothing like "Kamil’s fresh squeezed carrot, apple, ginger juice" and the "Gluten-free Chilaquiles". Options galore, you can go a whole week straight without getting bored.  We dare you to try!



Chef Kamil Majer says, "brunch should never be boring," and our mission is to truly deliver.  

Providing a wide range of delicious brunch, we believe in the importance of healthier alternatives that satisfy both the tongue and wallet.   


Our chef's eclectic fusion dishes include vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian - options that are popular among both women and men of all ages and diets.  We aim to support healthier lifestyles by making healthy eating an undeniably easy and tasty way of life.


BLU JAM CAFE Japan also believes in the importance of a warm community.  We hope to hold family-friendly events to bring the community closer and to share Western traditions/lifestyles with the rest of Japan.

With the number of increasing expats and tourists in Tokyo, we hope to provide a local place for everybody to gather.   



Bringing L.A. to you!  

Because our recipes are 100% Los Angeles born and bred, we've stayed true to our Southern Californian roots. The rustic interior and the friendly staff are all there to give you a piece of L.A.  Regardless of your familiarity with L.A., we hope that you feel at ease at BLU JAM  and it becomes your home.   Because as they say, there’s no place like home.

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