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Help Healthcare workers in Japan by feeding your sweet tooth!一緒に必要な防護具を医療機関に届けましょう!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Order a CUSTOM CAKE with Blu Jam and contribute to helping healthcare workers!

今日から8月15日までBLU JAM CAFEの手作りカスタムホールケーキの売り上げの25%をNPO Peace Winds Japan ( )にお届けします。彼らをとを通し、今本当に必要な防護具を医療機関に届けるための支援を集めたいと思います。詳しくは下記をご覧ください!英語の後に日本語の詳しいご説明がきます。

Starting today till August 15th Blu Jam Cafe will be taking custom whole cake orders and donating 25% of the sales to NPO Peace Winds Japan ( ) to raise money to donate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the healthcare works who are in need. ”We owe our ability to work in safe environments to healthcare workers fighting in the frontlines against COVID-19. For them, the fight against COVID-19 continues regardless of whether we’re in a state of emergency or not. Fontline healthcare workers face risk daily having treated more than six thousand patients.

Let's band together and deliver PPE to those who still need it the most.

By your donation, or even by visiting our page and having a moment of gratitude towards healthcare workers, we hope to show our appreciation to frontline healthcare workers who risk their lives to keep us safe.”


We apologies for the inconvenience but all order will be pick-ups only. We unfortunately do not have the means to deliver at this time.

Please email us for inquires at

All cakes will be pre-orders and we ask for minimum 2 days to prepare order.

We are here to make you happy so please flavor selections and what your heart desires! We can pretty much do it all! Vegan and Gluten Free possible!

Crowd favorites include: Classic Chocolate, Vanilla with berries, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter Chocolate, etc

Prices range from:

6,500 yen: standard medium size cake. Feeds 8-10 people

15,000yen: large "Costco size" cake. Feeds 25-35+ people perfect for parties

35,000yen: Wedding Cakes

(photos at the bottom)

Don't forget to let us know of any allergies if any!

You can also go to to donate directly to help donate PPE to healthcare workers till 7/24th!!




すこしでも多くの皆さまにご協力頂き、 医療現場で本当に必要とされている個人防護具を届けたいと思います。






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